Sunday Morning Fellowship

Summer Worship for June, July & August

Worship @ 10am
July Happenings
July 6: Diaconate Meeting, 6:30pm
July 7: 60+ Coffee Crew, 10am 
July 10: Men’s 2nd Saturday Breakfast, 8:30am
July 18: 2nd Quarter Business Meeting & Potluck following worship
July 21: 60+ Coffee Crew, 10am
August Happenings
August 1: Communion & Potluck
August 3: Diaconate Meeting, 6:30pm
August 4: 60+ Coffee Crew, 10am
August 14: Men’s 2nd Saturday Breakfast, 8:30am
August 17: FBC Works @ the Beef Booth for T.C. Fair
August 18: 60+ Coffee Crew, 10am
60+ Coffee Crew
August 4 @ 10am
August 18 @ 10am
                 Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group
                              Wednesday Nights
                         September – May at 7pm
Food Pantry Collection
Each month you can bring a specific item for the Food Pantry. Bring the item to church (and as many of the item as you wish.) The donation box is located in the foyer. Please talk to Lynette A. for more details.
                  The Food Pantry donation item for this month is:



Nursery Schedule
July 4: None Scheduled due to holiday
July 11: Rosemary & Emmie
July 18: Brandi & Kaydence
July 25: Tabitha & Ava
August 1: Heather
August 8: Linda L. & Brooke
August 15: Leah
August 22: Parker & Jersey
August 29: Peggy & Halley
Gospel Project | OGBCLife
Sunday School Key Passage
“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
John 3:16
Big Picture Question
What makes people special?
People are special because we are made in God’s image, as male and female, to know Him.