From the Pastor


February 2017

“Motivated by Love”

     If you ultimately long to be holy, hope to be holy, hate the sin in your life, and are struggling to get there but keep falling short, and you’re in this kind of weird cycle where you kind of run to God for a season, then you run away to clean yourself up, then you run back to God, then you kind of run away when you screw up, and then you run back… If you have yourself in that cycle, I’m telling you, you’re walking in a fear-based religion that does not quite understand that God has already decreed you as holy and blameless. He has, in His adopting work, decreed to the universe that you are His and He delights in you, is proud of you, loves you, and cherishes you. You are a co-heir with Christ of all He has.
     Where you spot people who love to serve the body, who love to encourage other people, who love to point away from themselves to other people, who love to serve in any capacity to make things better for other people, you find people who find their gospel motivation in love and not fear. May God get us all there. May we be a place that is saturated in being motivated by love that works itself out. Are we asking, “How can I serve you? How can I rejoice in what God is doing in you? How can I love you more fully? How can I make things easier for you here at the church?”
     All of life might be too big, but we can just pull it down to our covenant community of faith. If you look at how you interact with people here…Is the church here for you or have you been brought here to help the church? Those are two different ways of seeing it. One would be kind of fear-based. “I need. People need to give to me.” It’s an entitlement. “I deserve. It’s about me.” The other has been set free from all of that and just says, “How can I give? How can I encourage? How can I push?” So are you walking in fear, or are you walking in love?
“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” – I Corinthians 13:13